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Club development

Managing a Club or Association is like running a small business. To be successful you have to be good at:

  • Attracting and retaining customers (members)
  • Recruiting and retaining volunteers (staff)
  • Promoting what you offer (marketing)
  • Developing and delivering the products and services your customers want
  • Making enough money to stay in business
  • Providing safe and well maintained facilities
  • Managing your risks.


Softball Australia and our Member States recognise that many of our more than 500 Clubs and 105 Associations have limited resources. We also recognise that many people involved in running a Club would prefer to focus on developing and delivering Softball programs, and not the administrative tasks involved in running a Club.


To relieve the pressure on Club resources and volunteers, Softball Australia is designing a range of programs, publications and tools to assist you. As the national governing body, we are in a unique position to develop, streamline and share best practice initiatives and information.


While Softball Australia is responsible for delivering Softball’s high performance programs, we are also very committed to increasing inclusive participation, which involves the design and development of community and grassroots initiatives for delivery at Club level.


We are not only committed to helping you set up and expand your Club, we are keen to assist people playing the sport, as well as coaching, umpiring and scoring.


In addition to the resources and tools offered by Softball Australia, there are many other sources of information to help you run your Club.

  • The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) has a Club development resource library that contains free information about all aspects of running a Club
  • State/Territory Departments of Sport and Recreation can also assist in areas relating to the running and organisation of your Club
  • Volunteering Australia has many resources to assist with recruiting and managing volunteers. [Back to top]



























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