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SNSW Hall of Fame

SHIRLEY FOGARTY - Inducted February 2012

(Photo courtesy Donkin Gook Photography)

Shirley Fogarty first represented NSW in 1952 and went on to play in 17 Australian Championships, including one representing South Australia in 1956. During this time Shirley was not only Captain of some of these teams but was also a player/coach. Shirley went on to represent Australia.

Shirley was renowned for being a courageous player with legend having it that on one occasion she played on despite having a fractured leg.

After Shirley’s retirement as a player in 1970 Shirley then turned to putting back into the sport where she went on to coach, manage and score at no less than 21 Australian Championships.

Shirley has had an impact at grass roots over many years with her involvement through North Shore, Sutherland,  Southern Districts and Tweed District Softball Associations.  Shirley is a Life Member of three of those Affiliates and also a Life Member of SNSW, all of which she is very proud of.

On doing a very quick calculation of how many  training sessions Shirley may have attended over the 55 years she has been involved with NSW Teams it works out at about 1200 sessions and that is being very conservative. This does not include the endless hours Shirley put in on individual sessions and those coaching many players at grass roots level.

Shirley Fogarty is congratulated on becoming the first inductee into the SNSW Hall of Fame.


MELANIE ROCHE - Inducted February 2012

(Photo courtesy Donkin Gook Photography)

Mel Roche was first selected in the 1986 NSW U16 Team where she made an immediate impact by winning the pitching award. Mel made her debut in the NSW Open Women’s Team in 1988 and was instrumental in NSW winning their first championship in 16 years and  she again took out that tournament's pitching award. Mel's debut game in Brisbane was against Queensland where she K2'd the first 9 batters she had ever faced at Open Level and this at only 17 years old.

Mel went on to play in 18 national championships spanning 23 years and only retired in 2011.

Mel was selected to play for Australia and represented at four Olympic Games, medalling in each, to become one of only three females in Olympic history to do this.

Mel is a passionate person but no more so than when she is wearing the Blue and Blue.

Mel Roche is a legend and is congratulated on becoming the second inductee into the SNSW Hall of Fame.


Hall of Fame Inductees December 2013


Dulcie was a member of the first
NSW Open Women's Team in 1947
and played every year until 1959.
Dulcie was also Manager of the
1957 team.



Judy represented NSW for thirteen
years from 1966 - 78. Judy Captained the Open Women's side for eight years from 1971 - 78 and
was Assistant Coach in 1986. Judy
has also been inducted into the SAL Hall of Fame.


Chris represented NSW for 15 years from 1970 - 84. Chris played  for Aust at the 1978 & 1982 World Championships, captaining the team in '82. Chris was inducted into the SAL and ISF Halls of Fame.


Ilma was the Manager of the NSW
Open Women's Team from 1965 -
1968. Ilma was then Scorer for the team from 1970 to 1980.


Dawn was the 1st NSW Umpire to
officiate at a WC(Japan 1970). Dawn umpired at Nationals from 1966-76. Dawn also officiated at the 1972 & 73  NZ Tours and was DUIC at 1966 Bris Nationals. Dawn represented NSW in '61, '63-'67.


Joan represented NSW for 12 years from 1956-'70. Joan was Captain of the Open Women's Team for 12 years from 1965-'70.
Joan then coached the team for 6 years, from '65-'70 and was Manager in 1986.


Gary was Vice Captain of the first Open Men's Team in 1984. Gary represented NSW from '84-'91 and '94. Gary was Captain of the Open Men from '85-'87 & '91.


Robbie represented NSW for 12 years from '84-'95. Robbie captained the Men's Team from '93-'95. Robbie played in the 7th & 8th ISF WC in 1988 & '92. Robbie played in the Tri-Nations Series in NZ in '92.



Inducted January 2013



A North Shore representative, Gaye was a member of the NSW Open Women's Team from 1984 -1994 (11 years) also Captained the side from 1990 - 1994 (5years). Represented NSW U16s in 1981 and NSW U19s from 1982 - 84. Gaye played for Australia in the Open Women's Team in 1986 & 1990 in the World Championships. Gaye has been inducted into the SAL Hall of Fame.




Heather was a member of the NSW Open Women's Team from 1974 - 1983 and 1985 & 86. Heather was Captain of the team in 1986. Represented NSW U16s in 1974 & 75 and NSW U19s 1974 - 1977. Heather represented Australia in the Opens at the 1982 World Championship. Together with Joanne Paez from Vic, created Softball Aust history by pitching the entire 23 innings in the Final of the 1981 Gilley's
Shield that finished in a 0 - 0 draw.


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