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Resources & Forms 


Application for NCAS Update

Application for Coaching Accreditation

Application for Scoring Accreditation

Coach's Code of Ethics

Coach Information Sheet

Regional Coaching Information

Affiliate Executive Information

Application For Position

Change of Affiliation Level

Club Register

Renewal of Affiliation

2015 Calendar

Championships and Events  
Game Permit

Due Dates/Entry Dates/Officials Requirements (What Level is Needed)

Pick-Up Player/Official Permission Form

Representative Uniforms

State Championship Entry Form

Team Sheet - State Championships

Team Sheet - Regionals

Softball NSW Policies  
Member Protection Declaration Form 2013

Social Media Policy March 2013

Volunteer Policy March 2013

SNSW Annual Report 2013

Rules & Regulations  
State Championship Regulations (March 2013)

Under 13 State Championship Regulations(2013)

Arthur J Gallagher (formerly OAMPS) Insurance Claim Information

Interstate /Overseas Forms  
Game Permit

ISF Player Transfer Form

Permit To Play Overseas

Permit To Coach Overseas

Team Overseas Travel Permit

Interstate Permit

Application for Pick-Up Player/Official

Expenditure Voucher

Meeting Room Hire

Regional State Selection Form

Talented Player ID Form

Registrations and Fees  
Direct Registration Application (not available for fastpitch players) 

Late Registration Form Winter 2014 Assoc Affiliate

Late Registration Form Winter 2014 Full Affiliate

Late Registration Form Summer 2013 Assoc Affiliate

Late Registration Form Summer 2013 Full Affiliate

Members On Permission Rego Information 

Pending Registration Form 

Registration Fees Form - Summer 2014 -  Assoc Affiliate

Registration Fees Form - Summer 2014 -  Full Affiliate

Registration Form

Registration Payments Due

Softball Fees  Schedule Summer 2014(including Batter Up Program)

Softball Fees Schedule Winter 2013(including Batter Up Program)

Upgrade Registration Status

Transfers and Clearances  
Interstate Clearance

Intrastate Clearance (Within NSW)

Winter League  
WL Regulations/Criteria 2014

WL Hosting Venue Information 2014

WL Hosting Expression of interest 2014

WL Player Nomination Form 2014

WL Proposed Player Roster 2014

WL Team Entry Form 2014

State League  
SL Regulations 2013 (Revised July 26th)

SL Player Nominations 2013

SL Team Entry 2013

SL Proposed Team Roster 2013

SL Final Team Roster 2013

Softball Batter Up Activities  
Bat Tapping Cats And Dogs Chain Tag Circle Run
Cut The Cake Diamond Tag Eggs In A Basket Empty The Circle
Flip It Form A Group Get The Bean Bag Hit The Cone
Hot Box Keep The Ball Moving Knee Tappers Leader Ball
No Go Octopus Partner Tag Perfect Catch
Poison Ball Pop Ups Relay Roll Roll Roll
Run The Circle Scarecrow Tag Ship To Shore Shuttle Ball
Softball Mix Softball Relay Steal The Ball Stepping Ladder
Strike Out Stork Tag Stretching Throw Clap Catch
Throw Throw Throw Triangle Tag Warriors And Dragons Weave Relay
Wheel Relay      
Get Into It  
Around The World Base Run Base Running Relay Beat The Bucket
Bunting Accuracy Catching In Pairs Chase Running Circle Grounders
Continuous Softball Croc Frenzy Cut The Cake End To End
Engage All Field Hit Gorri Ground Ball
Hit The Spot Hit The Target Hitting For Distance Hollow Triangles
Hoop Throw Keep It Off Leader Throw Line Bunting
Maximum Throw Outfield Fly Balls Overtake Ball Pairs Flyballs
Pairs Passing Pairs Rolling Pepper Pressure Fielding
Quick Stride Round The Bases Runners vs Passers Speed
Target Batting Target Throw/Catch Target Throw/Run Ten Trips
Wall Rebound Wall Throw    
Game Application  
500 Batting Running Line Ball Beat The Ball Blast Ball
Coach Pitch Danish Rounders Defend The Cone Diamond Ball
Fast Track Fielding Soccer In The Zone Kick Ball
Long Ball Progressive Coach Pitch Rebound Catch Roll A Goal
Safety Softball Spot The Specky Target Hit And Run Target Throwing
Teeball Ultimate    
Winding Down  
Circle Sit Fish In The Net Freeze Frame Keep The Ball Up
Mirrors Puppeteer Simon Says Untie The Knot


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